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Like Meeos conjecture, he never gave up his escape from the beginning.

Sending the tower is the best policy. What he does is to seduce the other side step by step and hit himself according to his own pursuit route, while others go out by road.
From the road to the road, most people didn’t notice that the land exhibition was a diagonal line instead of a straight line. Two hidden diagonal lines escaped the interception of the other side and chose the optimal route
More importantly, the delivery tower and the delivery tower seem to be delivery towers, but they are actually different.
When the defensive tower attacks the same target, the damage will gradually increase. When the other two defensive towers attack each other, this judgment will be triggered when he attacks again and again. The higher the damage, the higher the front tooth tower body is than the highland tower attack.
Compared with coming out of the highland tower, the blood loss is reduced to a minimum without being affected by this judgment.
In this way, Lulu changed from big to small, and the blood volume increased and decreased, but it was like ordering a day trip in the other highland, and no one could catch him.
The whole escape route, he walked with the tip of a knife, and his heart was settled after dozens of blood escaped.
It’s not that he has escaped from the other side, but that his teammates are coming.
Riven, who was the first to die in the team battle for such a long time, has already lived. Now Riven has come to their red buff through the wild area. It’s coming soon. The emperor and the policewoman walk faster. It’s been a while since they crossed the river
In fact, when Lu Zhan began to design the escape route, he asked his teammates to come from the semi-regional wild area to save himself. Even if he couldn’t succeed, he could control the dragon to prevent the other side from taking the dragon while he was dead.
This is the biggest mistake of the North American team. The team fought for two games, but failed to get back to some situations. They couldn’t get the dragon, not to mention the vision. They chased Lulu for the whole half minute.
"Hey, killing over there is a good opportunity for us!" Tianlan said
Lu Zhan nodded, considering that mantis should have new e skills, it is becoming more and more difficult for him to escape, but it is good to drag his teammates to support him
I hope the North American team will continue to go ahead.
As soon as the idea was over, mantis really came over
"Pa" I don’t know who the other party is, and I put an eye outside the wall of the high ground, and then mantis fell from the sky at the farthest distance.
Maybe he went to the highland wall and flew over against the wall just when the position was right.
At this time, Lu Zhan walked out of a short distance, and he quickly gave himself an acceleration to avoid the blow of mantis.
With the acceleration, the landing position of mantis is still a little worse than that of Lulu, but the attack after mantis is also played out.
This time, mantis learned his lesson and didn’t lose W skills in confidence as before, but only attacked after landing.
Three beams of light shot at Lulu again, and Lulu leaned forward to avoid it as before, but this time they were too close. Mantis scratched Lulu by relying on his own Q skills.
Just as the horse was about to hit, a man suddenly appeared in front of mantis.
The emperor an EQ company came from behind the wall to pick up a big move to instantly frame the mantis. It happened that the hammer hook reached the emperor at this time, which was neither pushing nor not.
Mantis’s attack finally took Lulu away, but he also became run.
There is an end reward for mantis killing. At this time, many people found that there was no obvious leakage in this game, and Lulu unconsciously accumulated many times of killing deaths, which was also the least assist but the most for the North American team.
"It’s a single-type auxiliary!" The commentary deliberately realized this point. These two land exhibitions are completely different from each other, but they can’t be underestimated.
Even if he died, his teammates won the anti-killing time.
The China players who came after them besieged the North American team in the wild area.
Female police officers with a long range and a wide field of vision don’t come to this side of the wall to attack mantis directly outside the wall.
"pa!" First, there was a critical strike, and mantis’s blood volume dropped a lot instantly.
The North American team also tried to save the mantis, hammer the stone, throw a lantern into the highland wall, and pull Sindela over.
In this way, they will have four regiments and battle bases here.
However, the China team defused their offensive.
Because the policewoman’s output position on the other side was too excellent, they could hit the emperor with one person and compare with the four people, but they didn’t kill him in a round of attack.
Hammer stone took the initiative to pull himself to the emperor’s side, and it was difficult for the emperor to find a chance to rescue mantis without fire.
"When the warriors of broken arrow recast day return!"
喝茶约茶  title=North America tried to attack the emperor, but jumped out of a new opponent.
Riven, the exile blade, is here!
After a death, his knife fell off many layers, but his murderous look did not fall off.
Especially when the North American team just let go of a round of attacks, his entry was almost fatal.
Don’t say that he cut in a set of attacks and directly dropped the mantis and the hammer stone. There is not a lot of blood, and there is not much defense. Riven attacked first
After three Q’s, Riven did not retreat and followed the pursuit of Sindra and Dreven. The two men hurriedly ran to their highland tower.
Both of them flashed, and this time they really ran back on foot.
Before the situation suddenly changed, the North American team became the chased side.
However, Sindra Levin, both of them came home after the regiment war, and it was not so easy to kill them with full blood.
The two men managed to get into the defensive range of the Highland Tower, but the pursuit of the China team did not stop.
The policewoman’s big move locked Levin and threw it out without hesitation
The emperor came while the bomb was still flying.